Fiat-Crypto Exchange and FaucetPay

Two and half news:

Firstly, we’ve got PayPal to Satoshi Exchange now.
Oh, by the way, you can get your own with this plugin.

Secondly, about the Faucets: FaucetPay is in as one of the services, so feel free to create faucets dispensing ETH, BCH, LTC, and others.

And the half: there were some improvements on the faucet engine, now you can force your faucet offline by selecting “Faucet temporary unavailable” service, faucet will switch itself off and notify you on low balance, etc.

Happy summer!

Satoshi Bond Manager

Happy Holydays!
As you know, Satoshi Bonds is pretty handy thing (if you don’t – please watch this video). There was a software to create and manage Satoshi Bonds, but you have to have a WP website to run it.
And now we proudly present the Satoshi Bond Manager 🙂 Now all you need to create/distribute/sell the Satoshi Bonds, is account with us (register / login), account with, and …well, that’s it, you all set 😉

Sorry, it is not pretty yet, and there is some limitation in place, considering we still testing, but take a glimpse…

Have a wonderful 20s

Captcha problemS (plural)

Hello Webmaster
Tho third-party captcha services (Rain and Crypto-loot POW) seize to operate for now. Hopefully they will be fixed soon, in the mien time reCaptcha is in place. All our services are up and running. We will keep you posted.
Have a great day.