Unknown error (it’s not us!)

If after the attempt to claim form the faucet you see “Unknown error” – no worries, FaucetHub is in the maintenance mode. You can reconfigure your faucet to use different provider ( create another faucet? 😉 ), or just wait – when FaucetHub fixes whatever is broken – everything will return back to normal by itself.
Faucets driven by other providers are not affected.
BTW we are almost done with the Web Push – come try it (look for the bell)

Web Push is almost here

Greetings, Faucet-Masters!

We started to implement the Web Push notifications. Hopefully it will bring more users to your Faucets.
Notification delivery is still in testing, but you can see new stuff in action (just look for the bell) in the Faucet List, or in your faucet.
If you have something to say – just do it 😉

Remore Faucet as ad click reward

We’ve got really nice example of rewarding user for click on a banner – check it out.
Please remember: some ad networks explicitly prohibit to provoke banners clicks by any means, so we strongly recommend to check the user agreements first!

Well, you can see this technique in action even here:


Another Micropaiment option has been added cryptoo.me. Simple but powerful. Highly recommended!
Nice feature: when you claim from other cryptoo.me faucets and use your cryptoo.me deposit address, you immediately fund your faucets – useful for newbies, who want to play with own faucet without hustle of bitcoin transfers.