Example – surfer reward

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This functionality is available as WordPress Plugin.

The idea is: if web-surfer visits several of your pages (staying several seconds on each) – he/she gets the reward in form of the juicy faucet. To encourage the visitor the countdown visualization is presented.

Firstly, you will need a Remote Faucet.
Than download and unzip .CSS and .JS files to your website.
Now, add code to all pages where the reward must be present:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="wme_rfsr.css">	
<script src="wme_rfsr.js"></script>	


RemoteFaucetSurferReward.faucet_id = 123456;//Replace with YOUR Faucet ID
//extra configuration goes here...

Of course, the RemoteFaucetSurferReward.faucet_id value must be replaced with yours, see creating Remote Faucet for details.

There are plenty of things (aka “extra configuration”) to change if you want to.
Behavior settings:

RemoteFaucetSurferReward.pages_to_visit = 5; //surfer must visit pages to get rewarded
RemoteFaucetSurferReward.seconds_on_page = 10; //surfer must stay seconds on page to count page as visited
RemoteFaucetSurferReward.allow_reloads = false; //if true; reloads count as page views 
RemoteFaucetSurferReward.allow_repeats = true; //if true; visits to the same page count

Size and position:

RemoteFaucetSurferReward.box_size = '40px'; //box_size x box_size: 24px;36px;40px; etc.
RemoteFaucetSurferReward.horizontal_side = 'right'; //may be 'left','right'
RemoteFaucetSurferReward.horizontal_offset = '40px'; //
RemoteFaucetSurferReward.vertical_side = 'top'; //may be 'top','bottom'
RemoteFaucetSurferReward.vertical_offset = '100px';//

For example, this code will put huge sixty-pixel “reward mark” to left bottom corner, hundred pixels from borders.

RemoteFaucetSurferReward.box_size = '60px'; 
RemoteFaucetSurferReward.horizontal_side = 'left';
RemoteFaucetSurferReward.horizontal_offset = '100px'; 
RemoteFaucetSurferReward.vertical_side = 'bottom'; 
RemoteFaucetSurferReward.vertical_offset = '100px';

There is some RemoteFaucetSurferReward.txt_... variables to localize script, but for that you will have to look through the source code of the .JS file.

Last note: of course you may use different code on different pages, offering “fatter” faucet, for example, after visitor did something nice (like register), change size and position accordingly the page design, allow reloads for some pages (like here), etc.

That’s all, folks! Please visit other examples – you know, now it counts 🙂