Example – surfer reward

Example – Surfer reward (main page)
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The idea is: if web-surfer visits several of your pages (staying several seconds on each) – he/she gets the reward in form of the juicy faucet. To encourage the visitor the countdown visualization is presented.
This is an advanced example (requires minimal knowledge of the JavaScript) so please take a look into the page source-code, search for:

Configuration is fearly simple. Take a look, it even allows you to switch on Monero miner to partly compensate cost of rewards. Take a look.

Things to note:
– The code must be present in all pages you want to count as visited top reward a visitor.
– The Faucet URL of the Faucet configuration must cover all countable pages.

To see the example in action – visit pages:
Example – Surfer reward main page (this one)
Example – Surfer reward page 1
Example – Surfer reward page 2