Remotely hosted bitcoin faucets FAQ

Question: What is Bitcoin Faucet?
Answer: “Bitcoin faucet” acutally is short for “Cryptocurrency faucet” – it can dispense not only fractures of Bitcoin (satoshi), but other Cryptocurrencies too (and we support plenty).
Bitcoin faucets pay out a few satoshis when visitor loads a page containing ads. So, if the ads bring more money than the faucet gives out (in average) – the owner makes profit. The more people visit the faucet – the merrier 🙂

Question: Will Bitcoin Faucet make me rich?
Answer: No. Although Faucet is profitable (unless the Faucet Owner will make something tremendously weird). So, one Faucet will bring you something about one extra beer or coffee a day, several – several beers a day…

Question: What is Remotely Hosted Bitcoin Faucets?
Answer: There are plenty of software provides Bitcoin Faucet functionality (for example Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress), so you can install, configure, and run it on your own. Or you can use our Remotely Hosted Bitcoin Faucet, so we do all the dirty work, and give you just a code like
<div id='wmexp-faucet-123456'></div><script src=''></script>
Insert it in your page – and you good to go…
Even more, considering you can insert the code into any page, you can use the faucet to reward people for visiting sponsored links, viewing several pages, making a post, commenting, social sharing, playing games… (oh my… clicking on ads ?!)
With some imagination only sky is the limit.

Question: Do I have to be also registered with crypto-currency micropayment service?
Answer: Yes you do (and we recommend – as for any faucet software. We do not store coins, we just help you to handle them without the hustle of using server scripts. See this example for more information.

Question: Does it work on free hosting?
Answer: Yep. It works on any hosting allowing to insert the code like above.

Question: How to monetize Bitcoin Faucet?
Answer: Like pretty much any page in the Internet – by ads. See the Exapmles List.

Question: Is it absolutely secure?
Answer: Nothing is absolute secure in the Internet, but our faucets are at least no lesser secure than the ones you install on your server and run by yourself. We are jumping through a lot of hoops to make our service as secure as possible, and we continuously working on this. So, use the common cense, and you will be fine.

Question: Can I create and run several of the faucets?
Answer: Sure. As many as you want. They all will be listed here, so you can manage them in one spot.

Question: What else do I need to run your faucets?
Answer: Well, no more than you need to run any Cryptocurrency Faucet.
You have to have:
– Account with a Cryptocurrency wallet to fund your faucets and receive the income. Considering you are reading this, you probably already have one (if not, try Cryptonator)
– Account with one of the micro-payment system, like, you will see more in your Faucet Configuration pages.

Question: How difficult is it to configure?
Answer: Default settings will work for the most of the faucet owners, but you will have plenty to play with. The only things have to be configured for sure: micro-payment system key (so the faucet will be able to handle payments), and the URL of your faucet (so no-one else will be able to benefit from it).

Question: Is it possible to customize the code?
Answer: Standard code will work for everyone, but there are many tricks (basic knowledge of HTML/Javascript is required though) . Read more about it in the Code section of the Faucet cinfiguration. Also, see Examples List and Hints.

Question: Why my Faucet is not listed in the Faucet List?
Answer: A Faucet suppose to reward at least once to be listed.

Question: How the Faucets are sorted in the Faucet List?
Answer: Last paid is on top.

Question: How do I temporary remove my Faucet from the Faucet List ?
Answer: Set Faucet URL in the configuration to empty string and your Faucet will be hidden, so you are not going to be bugged by visitors from there when you build your page. When you are done – restore the Faucet URL.

Work in progress, more coming soon…